Court of Ashes coming to Windows PC in October

With the kingdom left in chaos, it’s up to the council formed by five influential royal advisors to steer the state through the storms of instability and internal power play in a midst of foreign invasion. Can you secure the borders and prevent the looming disaster? Find out in Court of Ashes – a narrative-driven strategy game presenting your strategic choices through much more down-to-earth, human perspective thanks to visual novel elements.

Court of Ashes, a debut game by independent Cratel Studios, will be available to get on Steam (Windows PC) in October 2019.

Key Features
Immerse yourself in rich, character-driven story!
Interact, build alliances and relationships with 5 unique councilors, each with their own interests       and goals!

Play as any of the council members for an unique perspective on the events of the game!

Manage limited resources in huge number of scenarios presented on strategic map of your lands!

Reach one of 18 different endings with multitude of sub-endings for certain plots and characters you meet along the way!