Mountain Rescue Simulator, become a lifesaver, on Windows & PS4

To be close to heaven, to breathe fresh air and to feel the freedom, this is probably the dream of every winter sports enthusiast in the mountains. But is all that glitters really gold?  In Mountain Rescue Simulator, UIG Entertainment presents the threatening side of the beautifully snow-covered mountain world. Find, take care of and rescue injured people and bring them safely to the valley! The mountain calls – become a lifesaver in “Mountain Rescue Simulator”!

Available for Playstation 4 and Windows PC (Steam).

Carried by the beauty of nature, hikers and winter sports enthusiasts always dare to venture far into the mountains, often act beyond their means and find themselves in precarious situations in which life often hangs by a thread.

In such situations you and your team are in demand! Use your special vehicles such as helicopters, quad bikes or snow groomers to rescue people from their acute emergency. Treat broken bones or rescue lost hikers from the forest – your animal friend will accompany you faithfully on every mission!

Experience dramatic rescue operations and save human lives!