Train Simulator 2020 is coming to Windows PC on September 19th

Train Simulator® 2020 is coming to Steam for the Windows PC on September 19th.

Climb aboard the latest installment in the 10 year strong Train Simulator series and challenge yourself to drive diesel, electric and steam locomotives from across the globe. Start your engines and get to work as you master the skills, intricacies and challenges required to get to your destination on time – whether you’re hauling freight through the forested hills of North Carolina on Norfolk-Southern N-Line or getting commuters to work on time along the South Western Main Line – both included in Train Simulator 2020.

You’ll also get the chance to explore the Danube valley with the brand new and exclusive Nürnberg & Regensburg Bahn – only available in Train Simulator 2020. Both freight and stopping services run along this modern route, featuring two of Germany’s oldest stations at Nurnberg and Regensburg and the historic town of Neumarkt.

Finally, Train Simulator 2020 introduces a set of features to reach new heights of visual realism. There are now a range of new options including ambient light, sunlight strength, vignette and field of view control that let each user control how the game appears. From classic railroads in a sepia overlay to modern lines with bright fresh colors, players will be able to experience and capture their Train Simulator experience as never before!

Train Simulator 2020 routes:

Nürnberg & Regensburg Bahn Explore the Danube valley aboard a trio of German engines and travel through urban and rural landscapes. Exclusive to Train Simulator 2020, this route also features one of Germany’s oldest rail structures with Nurnberg’s neogothic station – originally built in 1844.

South West Main Line: Southampton to Bournemouth Dive into New Forest commuting services as you run passengers from Southampton to Bournemouth, including operations on the Lymington Branch Line. This route also features the steam-powered Peppercorn Class A2 ‘Blue Peter’ for drivers who need a further challenge…

Norfolk-Southern N-Line The unique experience of an American branch line is now yours as you board the GP38-2 and haul freight over hills and around tight curves between Salisbury and Halls Ferry. Breathe in the country air as you perform a vital service as the lifeblood of local businesses.

Key features:

Visual Control A long-awaited feature has arrived as Train Simulator 2020 as players can now adjust a range of options to achieve their ideal visual experience. Adjust contrast, ambient light, sunlight intensity and field of view with additional options to turn on ambient occlusion, dynamic depth of field and adaptive bloom. Also added are a range of filters for screenshot taking including Vignettes, Sepia and B&W!

Drive The incredible authenticity of the locomotives in Train Simulator 2020 means you are truly in control. Manage your engine, passengers, safety systems, signaling and much more from the comfort of the cab, with control boards that perfectly re-create the operations of real trains.

Explore There’s always more to do and see as each route includes a full timetable of services up and down the route. Pick one, start your engine and you’re off to see what’s over the next hill! Complete all the services and you are truly a route master.

Create The Train Simulator 2020 Editor lets players create bespoke routes, stations or scenarios to enjoy themselves or share for free on the Steam Workshop. With more than 22,000 items in the Train Simulator workshop already, you’ll find plenty of inspiration online!

Collect If you’re looking to grow your collection you’ve come to the right place. In addition to the routes, locomotives and scenarios available in Train Simulator 2020, there’s also a library of hundreds of additional add-ons for you to enjoy and thousands of community add-ons on the Steam Workshop. Build your collection around your interests and discover a never-ending supply of new challenges!