Pode, co-op exploration game is out on PS4

Independent developer Henchman & Goon announced that their co-op exploration game, Pode, is out now on PlayStation 4. In Pode the dynamic duo of a rock and a fallen star set out on a fascinating journey full of mystery and wonder, only to discover that what makes them different is what will help them along the way.

Pode delivers a really nice metaphor on what true friendship is. We are all unique so we need to learn to coexist and cooperate together instead of shying away from those who are different from us,” said Yngvill Hopen, Game Director and CEO at Henchman & Goon. “The game draws players in with its colourful Norwegian inspired artwork and Austin Wintory’s amazing soundtrack that blend seamlessly together to create a spellbinding puzzle experience for all.”

Pode is a co-op puzzle exploration game about two unlikely travel companions, a rock Bulder and a fallen star Glo, going on a beautiful adventure within a mysterious and magical mountain. Through unique individual talents the duo revitalize the environment around them by working together to solve mind-bending puzzles. Featuring a musical track composed by the acclaimed Austin Wintory and visually inspired by Norwegian art and culture, Pode is a stunning exploration game that can be played alone or with a friend.

Pode won the development award for the Best Casual Game and was selected as a nominee for the People’s Choice Awards, for the Best Quality of Art in GameConnection 2018, and recently won three national awards in Norway for “Best Art”, “Best Audio” and “Best Fun for Everyone” nominations.