POWER, 3D online shooter launches on Steam Early Access

It all started with a design document that specified the “hooks” of the video game – the things that would make it “cool and unique”. Atomic Lollypop, the development team behind the video game “POWER” consisting of Kevin Bikhazi and Abel Korsmit, came up with organic-looking terrain, levels that are different every match, dream-like jumps across valleys, weapons so powerful they can destroy mountains, and fast-paced gameplay. Staying true to their vision, “POWER” a 3D Competitive Online Shooter is available on Steam Early Access for Windows.

“We’re very excited to see “POWER” experienced by gamers and streamers around the world,” commented Pixels Gaming, the publisher for POWER. “POWER is a breath of fresh air for 3D competitive online shooters. It combines unique game mechanics in ways that have never been done before. Playing POWER leaves you feeling nostalgic yet energized for more.”

Every match is procedurally generated so every time you play it’s a new experience.

“POWER has developed an incredibly engaged community and fan base that are helping us to improve the game every day,” said Kevin. “We look forward to the future of POWER and continuing to bring new features and game modes into it.”

Key Features:

– Procedurally generated terrain.

– Destructible environments.

– Fast paced.

– Huge explosions.

– Fast hoverboard with skiing.

– Powerful jetpack.

– Powerful weapons.

– Survival looting.

– Ping blast to locate your enemies.

– Full VR support.

“POWER” is available for “$14.99” on Steam Early Access for Windows.