Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Third update introduces Lord Zedd

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has a third update (v1.4).  The latest update introduces the iconic Lord Zedd character, completes the game’s Story Mode with the third act, and provides numerous gameplay improvements.

Key details of the downloadable content include:

●     Lord Zedd (Season One – Character 3): The self-proclaimed “Emperor of Evil,” Lord Zedd has conquered and enslaved much of the galaxy. Initially leaving the “insignificant” Earth for Rita Repulsa to conquer, he returns to punish her for her failure and finish what she started.

Lord Zedd wields his Z-Staff to blast his enemies from range but can also pull them in to close to unleash devastating attacks. His combo potential is high and even more impressive when he calls upon the Putties to help aid in him in battle.

Lord Zedd is available for purchase as part of Season One Pass, which also includes Trey of Triforia and Jenn Scotts characters, and Jason Lee Scott with Dragon Shield character skin. Lord Zedd can also be purchased individually .

●     Story Act III: The Finale: Lord Drakkon and his army continue to travel through dimensions, conquering the Rangers and threatening all existence. With the fate of reality at stake, Zordon and Commander Cruger ask Rita Repulsa to join forces in order to stop Lord Drakkon and his powerful army. Tune into Act III and find out if Rita has been convinced to join the Rangers to defeat her old apprentice.

Story Act III is included in the free v1.4 update.

●     Gameplay Enhancements: The new update includes:

○     Combat improvements to make the battles even more fun and engaging

○     Ability for players to preset their favorite teams

○     Improved PlayStation 4 online play

○     Online matchmaking improvements

V1.4 update is available for digital download via the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Store.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid pits current and classic POWER RANGERS and villains from the multiverse’s 25 year history against one another in epic 3v3 tag team battles. The controls promote simplicity and fluidity, enabling beginners to enjoy the combat system and encouraging advanced players to delve into its gameplay mechanics, which include real-time assist takeover, dynamic defense through push blocking and aerial guard, customizable juggle combos, and a unique Megazord comeback mode.