Puddle Knights, humorous turn-based puzzle game announcement video

Finnish game development studio Lockpickle is delighted to reveal their debut project Puddle Knights, a humorous turn-based puzzle game set in mud-covered medieval times. The game will be released in early 2020 for Windows/Mac on Steam. Other platforms will be announced later.

Puddle Knights features over 80 unique puzzles that require the imaginative use of chivalrous knights and their capes to cover mud puddles and allow people of the royal upper class to reach their exits. The game takes place in a medieval environment where sanitation planning has failed and even the noblest of people find themselves surrounded by mud. Only the mud-resistant knights and their capes can save them!

Game features:

  • 80+ unique head-scratching levels of increasing difficulty
  • Stepping on heads, tactical cape rips and other imaginative teamwork mechanics between characters
  • We’ve steered clear of grid-based puzzle game cliches: there are no pressure plates, keys to collect or boxes to push
  • Mistake-making and experimentation enabled by Undo and Reset functions