Woven, Textile-based adventure is available

Alterego Games, and publisher, StickyLock,  announced that the highly anticipated, and oh so fluffy, Woven, is out on Nintendo Stitch Switch, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.  Windows, Mac and Linux is available on Steam. The game is priced at €19.99 / $19.99 / £19.99.

In Woven, players collect fabrics, uncover secrets and weave together the game’s narrative, in a world that’s not all that it first seams. Customize Stuffy with different animal parts in order to solve puzzles and embark on a journey through this wondrously woollen world together with Glitch – a robotic Firefly. This unlikely duo set off to confront the metallic malevolence that lurks under the soft material surface and discover Glitch’s origin.

Game features:

  • A fantastically grumpy storyteller tells a deep and rich story in rhymes.
  • An epic bed-time story for everyone that’s still in touch with their inner child.
  • A casual, but challenging and rewarding title for those that want to discover it all.
  • Character-customisation is key to solving puzzles.
  • A dynamic soundtrack making the world of Woven come alive, by composer Vortigon.
  • Colourful, beautiful, and a very detailed 3D world, inhabited by detailed and adorable cute creatures, in fear for their lives. A world with a dark and ominous past.