NYX: The Awakening, 1980s-themed action adventure coming in 2020

All In! Games and Black Sail Games have revealed that NYX: The Awakening will be released on Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2020. Dive into the thrilling adventure with nostalgic vibes.

A North American town in the ‘80s – NYX, the ancient goddess of night, has captured yet another mortal soul to torment.

This time it’s someone she should have stayed away from, someone who can fight back!

Vicky refuses to obey the rules of this twisted version of her life and rises against the wicked godly regime of terror.

Help Vicky to stand against nightmarish enemies, overcome dangerous traps and discover the truth about her life, hidden behind this shady facade. Immerse yourself in this world and discover all the tributes and references to pop-cultural classics of that neon decade!

Key Features
·Unique arcade gameplay based on a color swapping mechanic
·Epic combat action against various distinct types of enemies
·Challenging platforming and environmental puzzles
·Neo-retro neon visuals and audio, resembling a contemporary take on 80’s synth wave classics