Retrospect, Musical Action Platformer on Windows PC – Summer 2020

Chicago game development studio Paper Salamander Games today announced that their musical action platformer In Retrospect will launch on Windows PC / Steam in Summer 2020.

In Retrospect is a game about life and the many joys and challenges along the way, synced to the beat of an expressive and varied soundtrack.  Exploring the themes of memory and choice, In Retrospect asks the player to contemplate how their perception of past decisions reflects upon their current life trajectory.  Players will run, swim, walk, fall, and ride through their own past, making decisions that will affect both the story and the gameplay.

In Retrospect is made up of two core modes, both of them focusing on musical action platforming gameplay.  Between both modes there are over 100 different platforms, enemies and hazard types, so there is always something new to see!

Story Mode takes you through your past over the course of many phases, where the collectibles you gather and your answers to certain key questions help determine how you remember your life, changing both the story and the gameplay as you progress throughout the mode.  Will you focus on health, wealth, love, education, creativity, or spirituality? How will you remember your life? Every stage in Story Mode also has its own unique song that syncs with the gameplay.

Challenge mode includes 30+ individual stages built to be played for high scores, with full leaderboards attached to each of them.  Every one of these stages syncs the music and gameplay as well.