Savior, 2D action-adventure action trailer

Starsoft released an action trailer for its upcoming game Savior, an open-world platformer set on a divided world of bronze and computer age societies. Savior will be available on Steam (Windows, Mac).

Starsoft is a small collection of industry veterans with pedigrees ranging from LucasArts to Sierra to Skywalker Sound. Dan Adelman, former head of all things indie for 9 years at Nintendo of America, heads up the business side of things.

Savior’s fluid parkour movement makes the simple act of traversing the interconnected world a joy in and of itself. But the skill-based melee combat and character-driven storytelling are the real meat of the game. I’m looking forward to sharing updates on our progress as we complete the game and can’t wait for everyone to try it.” – Dan Adelman

Previously known by its codename, Into the Rift, Savior puts you in the role of Sam, a young woman thrust into the middle of an ancient conflict; The Chosen and The Fallen are two halves of a divided people, split by belief. Explore and discover their enigmatic island-nation of Arcadia. Hunt through medieval wilds and the lost realm of The Fallen. Find powerful weapons, tools and allies. Dash through caverns, climb walls and dive off ledges with smooth, intuitive acrobatics. Engage the throng of Arcadia’s denizens with strategic banter or combat. Every foe is a potential friend…and you’ll need friends.

“We wanted to build on the 2D platformers we loved growing up, and add more player investment in the world and its people. Where the spearman you just fought wasn’t just a faceless foe. The woman you just saved was his mom, and the next time you see him, he’ll be grateful, not aggressive. We want to make a world where you can convince the soldier you just fought to join your cause. Where knowing an NPCs favorite food is as useful as a quiver of arrows.” – Weston Tracy (project lead)

As you earn trust, you’ll be offered quests to restore life and land. Through experience, you’ll gain skills, strength and endurance. Become the champion this broken world needs. Uncover the secrets of your origin and help your people thrive. You can save them all.