Raging Loop, trailer showcases the mind games & gameplay elements

PQube and developer KEMCO released a new gameplay trailer for the psychological horror visual novel Raging Loop! It showcases the mind games and gameplay elements of the award winning visual novel, releasing digitally and physically in Europe on October 18th and North America on October 22nd for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The game will be available in English on Steam (Windows) on December 5th.

The story of Raging Loop is about a cursed settlement in a Japanese forest. As part of an ancient tradition, red fog confines the village as ominous animal gods possess the inhabitants and force them into a perverse mind game. Every night, the person controlled by the wolf spirit will kill someone and every day, the villagers have to select a suspect to be hanged, in the hopes of them being the killer.

Both newcomers and seasoned visual novelists will be happy to find an extremely convenient feature. A comprehensible flowchart accessible at any point during the game. The paths that have already been explored are marked with conclusive symbols, helping you to easily identify and experience unexplored parts of the game!

Haruaki Fusaishi, the main character of Raging Loop will quickly realise that he is stuck in a seemingly endless loop.  Whenever he dies, he returns to the first day of his arrival to the Yasumizu settlement. He will take advantage of the knowledge acquired before being murdered. This new piece of information will be materialized by a Key that can be used to progress further in the story:

Raging Loop also doesn’t simply end when the story is over! The true ending will unlock the Revelation mode that will give access to additional scenes highlighted in red and show the inner thoughts of other characters.