RoboVirus, multiplayer brawler game on Windows

RoboVirus is a 2 to 4 player local and online multiplayer brawler game, where you blast your robot friends using rockets and lasers!

RoboVirus is at its best in late-night parties with few friends and many beers, says Miikka Sipila, CEO of Stolen Shoes Entertainment.

RoboVirus is available on Steam (Windows).

The game is located in megastructure RobotHive, where the motherboard has gone bad because of the RoboVirus. The players are thrown into the arena by the corrupted motherboard in a fight against death in an evolving arena! Players control robots called Nooker, Quacker, Spoder or SCAM.

The 3D top-down levels of the game have interactive elements within them – moving platforms, treadmills or even traps. The player should thread every step with caution, but also use the environment to one’s advantage. Robovirus includes also single-player mode against the computer-controlled robots.

RoboVirus can be played with the controller or with mouse & keyboard.

Developed by Stolen Shoes Entertainment

RoboVirus was originally developed by Stolen Shoes Entertainment during 2018 Finnish Game Jam, but has been developed since into full product, after gamers requests.