Scéal (Video)

Scéal Video

Scéal is not your ordinary game. It will stay with you forever. It will leave footprints in your mind. It will impress you with its mesmerizing gameplay, superb watercolor graphics and its hauntingly melodic Irish soundtrack, produced in a collaboration with renowned Irish folk singers Lorcan Mac Mathuna, Aislinn Duffy and Florence Glen.

Three magical feathers are hidden somewhere within the pages of the book. You must find them. Branna, the raven of the dead tells you that you must learn your real name and discover your past to have a chance of entering the afterlife in peace. Who were you? What happened to you? What will become of you? A good place to begin is to visit the town shrouded in mystery … go there to seek out the truth! You must complete quests by painting buildings and objects to progress the storyline. Along the way, you may transform into an angel of light (or a dark banshee) and repaint the world as you move through it, changing the world from happiness to despair and back again.