Space Blaze, old-school sideways scrolling shoot’em up on PS4

Space Blaze will take you on a journey back to the 1980s when pre-Internet video games were in their infancy and teenagers of the day tried to master all the fighting skills and gain the highest score to share in the playground.

Space Blaze taps into that old-school sideways scrolling shoot’em up, by leading you through 7 challenging levels filled with action.   There are three different weapon systems with a single mega-weapon for each and don’t forget that classic 80s games feature – a giant boss to shoot it out with at the end of each level.

Today it’s all about cool retro without the frustrating loading times, so get started and get a friend to join you in a two-player battle against hordes of enemies in Space Blaze.

  • Exciting retro-style gameplay is waiting for you.
  • Prove your skills in 7 challenging levels which guarantee varied fun for the young and young-at-heart.
  • Detailed levels and enemies in a lovely crafted space world ensure pure game fun.
  • Choose the right weapons from 3 different weapon systems to pass the levels.
  • A single mega-weapon for each weapon system provides additional action.
  • In each level, the famous boss opponent awaits you – so be ready to win the final battle.
  • In the two player co-op mode you fight your way through the dangerous battles together with your friend
  • The exclusive soundtrack by Markus Siebold (Turrican 2 C64, Enforcer C64) accompanies you on your journey through space.