Stalin vs. Martians 4, new gameplay trailer shows off new stuff

KREMLINCORP Entertainment GmbH officially releases a new official gameplay video of their official critically acclaimed blockbuster game of the year Stalin vs. Martians 4.

Our latest video shows new stuff like:
– Transfigurator Gun that turns everyone into sheep (used by governments across the world)
– Dance Revolution ability that makes your enemies dance (and then you kill them or turn into sheep and then kill them and then turn dead into sheep and make them dance again, etc, ad infinitum).
– Lovecraftian mission which features a relatively close encounter with Cthulhu (and his tentacles).
– A retrowave-styled mission.
– Candyland mission and urban warfare.
– Putin, but you can’t see him (he’s hiding behind the tree).

Stalin vs. Martians 4 is a massively soloplayer action game which tells a story of the conflict between Stalin and the Martians. It has a narrative-based story with a plot and rich dialogues of humorous nature, which beautifully highlight the story’s narrative-based narrative and plot.

Stalin vs. Martians 4 will be released next year.