Super Chicken Catchers, 2v2 capture-the-chicken game on Windows

White Smoke Games launched Super Chicken Catchers out of Steam Early Access for Windows.

Players compete in a hectic 2v2 capture-the-chicken game. Co-ordinate your team between riders and mounts to capture the illusive chicken, and bag the championship trophy!

White Smoke Games CEO Florent Leger CEO said, “After months of Early Access, we are very proud to release Super Chicken Catchers today!

Since the very beginning of this adventure, we wanted to create a different kind of sports game focused on cooperation and communication in an off-beat universe.

Without a doubt, Super Chicken Catchers will create a fierce competition with your friends and family. We’re looking forward to see players enjoy the Cluckball sport we created… It’s time for the world to catch some chickens!”

More About Super Chicken Catchers

Super Chicken Catchers is a 2v2 futuresport with chickens, aliens, and flying pigs, where professional chicken-catchers compete for the galaxy’s ultimate prize. Welcome to the Cluckball Championships!

It’s not easy being a professional chicken-catcher. You’ll need to communicate to trick and flee your enemies. Cooperation is the key to success.

  • Features
  • Online multiplayer – Challenge your friends to a private game, or join the rest of the galaxy to compete for supremacy!
  • Split-screen – Gather up to four friends and ride your buddies during frantic couch co-op parties!
  • Solo play – Prepare for competition with training races and other solo challenges!
  • An array of colorful arenas, each with its own set of special features
  • Cosmetic customization: spend your winnings and become a recognizable celebrity chicken-catcher!
  • An ever-expanding world, with regular free content updates to keep the competition fresh!

Brand new launch features

  • New map – “Canyon”
  • Game mode – Free for All!
  • All new races and challenges