SuperEpic, ‘Metroidvania’-style adventure game coming this December

Numskull Games is proud to announce SuperEpic, a ‘Metroidvania’-style adventure game with a humorous and satirical tone, from indie developers Undercoders.

Starring a raccoon and a llama in their quest to save video games as we know them, you must ram into the headquarters of Regnantcorp, a video game development company that controls an Orwellian society by addicting citizens to their free games.

SuperEpic is a non-linear, fast-paced action adventure game, heavy on exploration and combo-based combat. Uncover a conspiracy as you explore a surreal castle-like office full of enemies, challenges, secrets, and corporate pigs.

Continuing the satirical theme on micro-transactions, levelling and powering up is based on an in-game economy system (there are no real micro-transactions in SuperEpic, of course!).

–          Two game modes – play a classic single-player story mode with handcrafted levels, or a roguelike mode which procedurally generates the game map to make each run completely different

–          Cross-media experience – hidden QR codes launch mini-games to play on your mobile when scanned, uncovering secrets in the main game

–          8 hours of gameplay – a first run on the story mode will take roughly 8 hours, but the procedural mode provides endless fun

–          16-bit era graphics – super fluid animations and spectacular bosses, all represented in gorgeous ‘Neo-Geo’-esque 16-bit pixel art

–          Original storyline & soundtrack – a story featuring unique, strong characters with plenty of humour and personality, and a soundtrack from SonoTrigger (‘Rise & Shine’, ‘Blue & Bullets’, ‘Supermagical’)

–          Completionists – tons of achievements & secrets to unlock for completionists

–          Micro-transaction satire – satirises modern gaming practices, with a huge enterprise run by greedy business-pigs which has gradually replaced all the fun in video games with adaptative and addictive algorithms to control people’s minds

SuperEpic is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows PC this December.