SYNCED: Off-Planet, Sci-fi shooter unveiled at gamescom

Tencent Games partners with NVIDIA to unveil its brand-new AAA online shooter, SYNCED: Off-Planet, featuring real-time ray tracing powered by GeForce RTX. The innovative game, set in a unique sci-fi universe, is developed by NExT Studios as part of Tencent Games and combines survival, crafting and base-building, as well as massive PvPvE experience with up to 50 players and more than one thousand corrupted human cyborgs called Nanos.

The gameplay in SYNCED: Off-Planet is built around a triangle structure of personal and group survival (PvE with narrative elements), preparing your group and crafting gear (base-building), and escorting as many survivors as possible to the shuttles leaving earth (massive PvPvE). In each round, players are competing not only against each other in their race off planet, but also to survive the onslaught of the swarms of Nanos that have taken over.

Imagine a future where people have synchronized the physical body with nanotechnology. After what was meant to represent the next step in human evolution went terribly wrong, and a microorganism used in the new technology started taking over human bodies, the majority of the population has become marauding cyborgs known as Nanos. The remaining survivors now compete for the chance to make it off the planet.

SYNCED: Off-Planet is being developed by NExT Studios as part of Tencent Games and co-developed by UK-based Studio Gobo. SYNCED: Off-Planet will be available for the Windows PC. No release date has been announced.