TERA, v87 update for Windows PC and ‘Celestial Experience’ event

En Masse Entertainment released the v87 update for TERA, their flagship True Action Combat MMORPG on Windows PC. Following a series of significant content updates, v87 focuses on addressing bugs and improving class balance for a smoother experience as players begin to tackle the challenges in the recently-added sky island Exodor.

En Masse Entertainment is kicking off a new ‘Celestial Experience’ event today to make it easier for players to reach level 68 and begin their Exodor adventures. Each day during the event, players will receive Celestial Scales for completing their first Vanguard Request and have a chance to earn additional Scales from defeating dungeon bosses who will drop a “Box and Key”. These Scales can be spent to acquire Experience Boosting scrolls that will grant considerable experience for characters level 65 and up. For characters that are already level 68 or higher, the Scales can be spent to purchase a Celestial Dragon mount.

Upon reaching level 68 with their first character of that class on the server, players will be granted temporary gear to help them begin their Exodor adventures where they can replace the temporary gear with permanent versions.

Additional details about the ‘Celestial Experience’ event and v87 update for TERA on Windows PC can be found in today’s news post here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/get-ready-for-teras-latest-content-update