Tesla Force: The United Scientists Army, Lovecraftian shooter in 2020

10tons announced Tesla Force: The United Scientists Army. Tesla Force is a rogue-lite Lovecraftian top-down shooter with endless gameplay. All game levels and the world are randomly generated and different each run. The game will be out in 2020 on Windows PCs and other platforms.

“Tesla Force is the next evolution in our top-down shooter line-up. This time you will be waging an endless war against ever more horrifying cosmic abominations.”, game lead developer Olli Alatalo comments.

“After launching the award-winning Tesla vs Lovecraft (Finnish Game Awards Big Screen Game of the Year!) players said they’d love to play with more characters and have an endless mode. We’re now creating exactly that. The levels and the world are created procedurally so each play session will be different. Tesla Force has been partly inspired by games like Slay the Spire, so expect something like that mixed with a state-of-the-art top-down shooter.”, Olli continues.

Tesla Force is built using 10tons Ltd. proprietary game engine technology and is primarily targeted at Windows PCs and current & next-generation consoles. Details on other platforms will be announced at a later date.