The 13th Doll, The fan sequel to The 7th Guest coming Halloween 2018

Attic Door Productions announces their licensed fan made game in the cult classic series, The 7th Guest, and is entitled The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest.  The Game is currently in development and will release Halloween 2018 for Steam, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The game is a follow-up to the classic PC game, The 7th Guest, a puzzle based horror game set in the haunted mansion of eccentric toymaker Henry Stauf.  The game was a technological landmark upon release, as well as the follow-up sequel, The 11th Hour, and was one of the first game to show full motion video sequences.

The 13th Doll picks up right after the events of The 7th Guest, where the protagonist, Tad, now resides in a mental institution, a result of the traumatic experiences in The 7th Guest.  A new doctor arrives in the asylum, and the pair embark on a journey to return to The Stauf Mansion to bring catharsis to Tad and cure him of his demons. Plans go awry, and both characters find themselves separated and in peril, as they try to unlock the mysteries of The 13th Doll.

Game Features:

  • Full Motion Video Sequences filmed with over 10 actors

  • 26 unique, new puzzles

  • 35 rooms in 3 environments.

  • The return of actor Robert Hirschboeck, reprising his role as Henry Stauf