The Fisherman – Fishing Planet, Developer Interview at Gamescom 2019 Video

At Gamescom 2019, Dmitry Lukash, CEO of Fishing Planet LLC, spoke about the new features of this exclusive version and answered questions from internet users.

For all sport fishing enthusiasts, more details have been revealed about the exclusive content and preorder bonuses for The Fisherman – Fishing Planet. The premium version of the hit free-to-play game Fishing Planet will release on 17 October on Windows PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

The game provides easy access to the extensive content found in Fishing Planet and includes exclusive content for its biggest fans. A new fishing location, four new species of fish, a unique fishing technique and two new motorboats have been added to offer an even more realistic and complete experience.

The Fisherman – Fishing Planet is for all nature and sport fishing fans! The premium version of Fishing Planet, which sets the standard for fishing simulators and already boasts 5 million players, combines all the content released to date in one package: the equivalent of more than 30 DLCs as well as features exclusive to this premium version of the game. By moving from a free-to-play model with paid content to a premium model, it guarantees players will be able to enjoy a complete and immersive experience.