The Heist, Cyberpunk- narrative-heavy game’s first gameplay trailer

Munzesky Games Studio and Gamechuck published today the first gameplay trailer of the narrative-driven cyberpunk noir interactive comic “The Heist”.

“The Heist” follows four protagonists in their attempt to steal a technological prototype from a high-security research facility on Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon.

The odds are not in their favour and even a small mistake could prove to be fatal.

The player must wisely choose between various dialogue options to overcome high-risk challenges, as shown in the first gameplay trailer. There are multiple possible endings based on the player’s decisions, and after finishing the game, the player has an option to print it out in the form of a comic book.

  • Glamorous Ganymede – Ganymede is situated in the richest and most orderly sector of the Sol Invictus universe, in which the whole Solar System is colonized, but there is trouble brewing beneath its perfect façade.

  • Exclusive Gala – Wealthy politicians and owners of rich corporations spend their free time oblivious to the troubles of the poor. To relieve themselves of existential boredom, they throw excessive parties and organize costly balls.

  • Yusein-Takeda Corporation – Our protagonists are trying to steal a technological prototype from a research facility that belongs to the Yusein-Takeda corporation, one of the most influential corporations in the System.

  • Cyberspace – There are two types of reality in the universe of Sol Invictus: the physical reality and cyberspace. The dangers are very real and very deadly in both of them.

  • Difficult Decisions and Multiple Endings – The player will have to make difficult decisions and each of them will have a ripple effect on the outcome of the story. Based on the decisions made, there are multiple possible endings, which gives the game a substantial and varied replay value.

If you’re a fan of cyberpunk thrillers done in a noir comic book style and this story has you hooked.  The Heist is coming to the Windows PC on Steam.