The Long Journey Home, space exploration RPG on Nintendo Switch

Daedalic Entertainment’s space exploration RPG The Long Journey Home released on Nintendo Switch. The award-winning title is already available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and now Daedalic is finally sending their rag-tag crew of space explorers to Nintendo’s console.

In The Long Journey Home, a group of explorers from earth gets lost in space after humanity’s first FTL jump goes wrong. While their spacecraft is barely holding together and their resources dwindle, the player has to choose a crew of four members, explore their environment, find a way to communicate with alien races and try to return home.

In this procedurally generated experience, each playthrough is unique and only shows you a small part of The Long Journey Home universe. In any playthrough, you’ll meet at least four different alien races out of a large pool of possible races in various combinations, and it’s up to you to decide how to deal with them: peacefully or through other means…

Navigating your ship across the galaxy is not a challenge any player should take lightly, thanks to the constant danger of being sucked into black holes or of being attacked by alien warships. Each decision counts, as landing on strange planets might damage your ship and endanger your crewmates. Carefully consider your options, make crucial decisions on your way through the galaxy and hopefully, make it back home one day.