Throw Anything, Zombie-Filled VR Extravaganza on PSVR

The PSVR port of Throw Anything is available on the PlayStation Store. This version is getting all of the content updates and fixes made to the Steam VR release – including a more intuitive reward system, rebalanced difficulty, an item shop, a new level (Stage 6), and improved graphics.

Throw Anything rose to the top of the Steam charts in Asia and has also ranked in the top 3 of the Made With Unity Korea Awards 2018 in the “Best XR” category.

Developer VisualLight has signed deals with VR arcade chains VR Junkies in the U.S. and Ctrl V in Canada. The PSVR version was recently featured at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show and BitSummit – along with other PlayStation festivals held in Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Sapporo.

Hungry, Hungry Zombies!

Do whatever you can to defend yourself (and the occasional friendly NPC) as zombies clumsily attempt to scale your high-rise building … inching closer and closer to your room. Nail your salivating targets, and they might fall to their death several floors below – possibly even taking a few of their friends along for the ride. In Throw Anything, literally “anything” is destructible. No ammo? No problem! Destroy the furniture and use whatever parts you end up with as both offensive and defensive weapons. If worst comes to worst, it’s time to dispense with the pleasantries – and grab or toss the nearest NPC into harm’s way…. Anything for a little extra time among the living, right?

“We’ve had many, many requests for a PSVR version of Throw Anything,” says Kaleb Jung, CEO of VisualLight. “I’m happy to report that the PSVR version is available today – and it’s a massive improvement over the initial release on PC. After listening closely to players, we fine-tuned the game’s difficulty level, overhauled both graphics and sound – and even added a new item shop. We spared no expense on the PSVR version. Hopefully, our PlayStation fans will agree!”

Key Features

  • Enjoy laying waste to fully destructible environments.
  • Throw any object within reach – humans included! If there’s a large item that can’t be thrown, you can smash it first and then throw it.
  • Collect ancient relics to save the world.
  • Take on 6 challenging stages about to be overrun by the zombie horde!
  • Beat 5 mid-bosses and 6 powerful “main” bosses.
  • Defeat zombies and get powerful weapons as rewards!
  • Test your limits at various difficulty levels.
  • Immerse yourself in VR-optimized locations perfect for facing off against the zombie horde – including a kitchen in a high-rise building, an office in a snowy mountain village, a bucolic plaza, and more.
  • Interact with the environment in creative ways: If there’s a copier, you can copy things; freeze items for extra zombie-killing damage; crack open a safe to get your hands on throwable money and gold; use the 3D printer to print miniature statues…. The list goes on and on!

And here are some brand-new content and feature updates to celebrate the launch of the PSVR port:

  • Updated Lobby: Take a break by throwing darts, shooting some hoops, reading comic books, eating a snack – or enjoying some target practice.
  • Special Assignment: Complete a special mission by order of the Secret Delivery Agency (SDA) – and collect all cube relics and chunks.
  • Art & Audio Upgrades: Immerse yourself in enhanced graphics and sound effects.
  • Item Shop: Buy and receive items as if you ordered them from the Internet! All purchases are delivered by courier at game start by the SDA.