TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST, based horror manga series is available

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. has released TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST, the first video game based on the popular horror manga series to be available in the Americas. With fast-paced online co-op play, Ghouls and Investigators alike can wage war on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PCs via STEAM®.

In TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST, a war for survival is being waged between Ghouls and Investigators on the streets of Japan’s largest metropolitan city.  Featuring characters from across the franchise, including TOKYO GHOUL, TOKYO GHOUL √A and TOKYO GHOUL: re, the fight for survival puts players in the roles of Ghouls or Investigators as they engage in co-op and single-player battles.  Ghouls and Investigator character types each possess their own unique abilities and weapons to master, including Kagune or Quinque type items. Players can pick their sides and challenge friends to see who will reign supreme in gruesome battles to the death.

“Like a Ghoul’s insatiable appetite for human flesh, TOKYO GHOUL fans have thirsted to experience a game set in the horror-infused world of their favorite anime series. We hope that TOKYO GHOUL: re CALL to EXIST helps satiate that desire for fans to play through the intense tale of Ken Kaneki and his ghoulish cohorts,” said Abelina Villegas, Associate Brand Manager at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “With single-player and online co-op modes available, fans can relive these stories or discover them anew with friends online.”