Deep Sleep Trilogy, point-and-click horror series on Windows

Publishers Armor Games Studios announced hit indie point-and-click horror series Deep Sleep Trilogy from developer scriptwelder is available on Steam for Windows. Originally released on the web, these games have been compiled and preserved for Steam in one package, without any new content.

In the Deep Sleep Trilogy, players take on the role of someone struggling to escape from their subconscious after an interest in lucid dreaming goes awry. Across each of the games, intended to be experienced in order for a complete story, players will gather items to solve puzzles, search through increasingly surreal environments, and contend with malevolent creatures.

“After the release of Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive earlier this year, fans asked us to bring scriptwelder’s original web games to Steam as well,” says Armor Games Studios producer Dora Breckinridge. “The Deep Sleep games were at the top of the list. The sheer amount of support and enthusiasm scriptwelder’s fans have for his work is really inspiring to me to see.”

After the release of the port of the original Don’t Escape Trilogy earlier this year, the Deep Sleep Trilogy was eagerly requested by many fans. With its intense, foreboding atmosphere and startling scares, it’s the perfect game to play late at night with headphones on and the lights out.