Trailmakers, sandbox building block racer on Windows and Xbox One

Denmark based developers Flashbulb Games announced that hit sandbox building block racer Trailmakers, has launched on Windows PC and Xbox One.

With over 100,000 sales and 1,000 positive reviews across Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, Flashbulb Games (which includes veterans from Playdead, ustwo, CCP Games and Square Enix), also rolled out the games latest update, a new campaign mode.

In Trailmakers, players create their own dream machines out of colourful, physics-based blocks (everything from race cars to planes to giant robots), and then take them into races, epic PvP battles, or set out to explore a vast alien planet.

The centrepiece of the launch is an all-new main campaign mode, Stranded in Space, which will feature around 10-20 hours playtime spread across the most diverse map yet, with underwater and lava environments, floating islands, dangerous wildlife, and much more.

“The Trailmakers community have continued to amaze us all with their creations,” says Mikkel Thorsted, Creative Director at Flashbulb Games. “We’ve been sharing a number of these over the last few months on our Twitter account including the Spidey Car, dogs, the Nintender Gmaebo and stunt bananas. We can’t wait to see what the community creates next, and look forward to sharing them post launch via our social channels and community Discord.”

Alongside the all new campaign, there are a multitude of modes for players to dive into, spread across numerous sandbox, racing and competitive multiplayer maps.

More multiplayer modes, as well as new skins and vehicle parts, are already in development and players can also share blueprints for any of their creations with their friends and the Trailmaker community.

Trailmakers is currently available to play in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, and Polish.