Ultimate Fishing Simulator, VR edition leaves Early Access

After more than two months, Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR has left Steam Early Access mode for Windows.  The VR edition of one of the top-rated fishing games on Steam is compatible with various virtual reality systems. Ultimate Games S.A. also announces that the game will be available from the Oculus Store and on VR Arcade systems.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR was created by the Polish studio Bit Golem. The game publisher is Ultimate Games S.A.

The standard version of the simulator debuted in the early access mode in November 2017, and the full version was released on the 30 August 2018. Currently, the percentage of positive player reviews is up to 84 percent, which is one of the best results among all fishing games released on the Steam platform.

The VR edition appeared as a part of Steam Early Access on the 30 August 2019. The game offers the same content as the standard edition. People who already have the “normal” version can, in turn, buy an add-on at a proportionally lower price, which expands the game with VR support.

In this case the Early Access phase lasted over two months and during this time Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR became appropriately refined. We have expanded and honed VR control systems, and therefore, of course, improved the comfort of players. The list of new solutions includes, among others, support for left-handed players, more comfortable underwater camera movement and numerous performance improvements. At the same time, we would like to thank all the players who shared valuable comments with us during that time, which were useful in working on Ultimate Fishing Simulator making the best use of the VR systems potential” – says CEO of Ultimate Games S.A., Mateusz Zawadzki.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is compatible with the most popular virtual reality systems (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, Valve Index and Pimax). This title also enables gameplay without VR goggles.

Main features of Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR:

  • one of the highest rated fishing games in the VR version;
  • 10 locations (fisheries) modelled on real locations, including 2 fisheries during the winter season and a sea fishery;
  • various fishing techniques (spin fishing, coarse fishing, fly fishing, fishing at sea, ice and surf fishing);
  • several dozens of fish types;
  • photorealistic water, dynamic weather change system;
  • boats (e.g. yachts and motorboats);
  • skills development system and trophy room;
  • additional view from the bait perspective;
  • extended multiplayer modes;
  • fisheries editor (without supporting VR system);
  • 4 available add-ons (the next one will appear in 2019).

The final release date for Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR on the Steam platform for Windows. Later, the game will also be available from the Oculus Store and on VR Arcade systems.