Unlucky Seven, Adventure game available August 30 on Windows PC

An intriguing story, anthropomorphic characters, cannibalistic motifs and stylish graphics combining 3D and pixel art – those are just some of the elements which make Unlucky Seven stand out. The Polish studio Puzzling Dream, known for The Way, stands behind this new adventure game. The release date on Windows PC is set for August 30. In 2020, the game will also appear on PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Unlucky Seven is a new adventure game made by Puzzling Dream studio which previously created The Way – a title very warmly received by players (85 percent favorable user reviews on the Steam platform). Art Games Studio S.A. and Ultimate Games S.A. are responsible for releasing Unlucky Seven on PC.

The gameplay in Unlucky Seven refers to classic adventure games. There will be plenty of equipment, conversations, puzzles, various interactions with the environment and mini-games.

This adventure is divided into chapters in which the player will have to manage different characters. As Puzzling Dream studio explains, at the beginning of the game you can choose if the character will be a humanoid or an anthropomorphic. Unlucky Seven tells a completely unconventional story, which will include such things as science fiction themes and cannibalistic motifs.

“Our new game will take players to a bloody party, which they haven’t experienced before. Waiting for them are many abstract elements, specific humor and a lot of emotions. Similarly, unconventional is the retro-style graphic design, combining 3D and pixel art. The soundtrack composed by Fox Amoore also plays an important role”, says Hubert Knochowski, main designer and programmer at Puzzling Dream.

As the game creators point out, it takes on average about 6 hours to complete Unlucky Seven.

The main features of Unlucky Seven:

  • Furry friends;
  • Graphics combining 3D and pixel art;
  • Cannibalistic motifs;
  • Puzzles and mini-games;
  • Retro stylistics;
  • Original soundtrack (Fox Amoore).

The new game by Puzzling Dream studios will make its debut on the Steam (Windows PC) platform August 30, 2019. Plans also include the release of the title for current generation consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch).