Weakless, Deaf/blind buddy puzzle adventure on Xbox One

Chaos crept into a world of wooden creatures and nasty Rot is destroying their land. The only hope is two Weavelings, who are brave enough to risk their own lives and rescue the entire species. At first glance, this task seems impossible to accomplish, as one of them is deaf and the other one is blind, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Thanks to their conditions, they’ve developed a set of unique skills that makes them both just perfect for this mission.

Weakless is an artistic, 3D puzzle-adventure game with stunning organic environments filled with curious life-forms and a bioluminescent glow. Take control of two unusual Weavelings – carefree, wooden creatures – and aid them in their unplanned journey. But the task won’t be easy; one of your characters is deaf, and the other is blind. Help them save their world from the advancing Rot and find their way back home.


    • Follow the story of an unlikely friendship that develops wordlessly between the stoic Blind and the energetic Deaf.
    • Peek into Deaf’s sketchbook and gain unique insights into what he thinks about the whole ordeal.
    • Enter the beautiful, organic, bioluminescent world of the Weavelings, filled with curious life-forms and mysteries of a bygone civilization waiting to be uncovered.
    • Get a glimpse of the artistic way that visually-impaired and hearing-impaired people perceive the world.
    • Join a meaningful narrative with satisfying exploration and enriched by arcade puzzle elements.
    • Experience stunning music composed of instruments from all around the world, such as the marimba, RAV vast, and udu.

Weakless is available on Xbox One. The Windows PC release is coming in early 2020.