When I Was Young, pixel-y take on the Vietnam War – Q4 2019 release

When I Was Young will be released in the fourth quarter 2019 on the Windows PC. The independent adventure game is set in the reality of the Vietnam War. The title will stand out with its intriguing story, stylish pixel art graphics and original soundtrack. When I Was Young will later be released on Nintendo Switch. A free game demo is available on the Steam platform.

When I Was Young is created by the Russian WallRus Group and the publishers will be the Polish companies Art Games Studio S.A. and Ultimate Games S.A. The launch of this adventure game can be expected in Q4 2019, and now on the Steam platform everyone can check out the free demo.

As the creators indicate, When I Was Young will present the history of an average American whose fate takes him to Vietnam where his brother has disappeared. The game’s action was set in the 1960-1970s and realities of the Vietnam War and the player – in search of his brother – goes on a long and fascinating journey.

As announced, When I Was Young will include, in addition to its intriguing story – also gameplay based on different elements, a system of dynamic time change (associated with AI behavior), an engaging combat system, and various types of enemies and traps. The WallRus Group also offers stylish pixel art graphics and an original soundtrack. As a result, the graphics and music will refer directly to the retro convention. Finally, When I Was Young will offer a total of approximately 7 hours of play.

Main features of When I Was Young:

  • The realities of the Vietnam War;

  • An intriguing story;

  • Diversified gameplay;

  • Pixel art graphics;

  • The 1960-1970s;

  • Original soundtrack.

The premiere of When I Was Young is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2019. The game will also be released on Nintendo Switch.

When I Was Young (Steam):


In the fourth quarter 2019 this year will be released on PC