Widget Satchet, ferret causing mischief on a space station trailer

Minneapolis indie developer Noble Robot announced their upcoming ferret-powered mischief game, Widget Satchel, which is tinkering its way to the Nintendo Switch and via Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux) later this year.

Widget Satchel is a mischief game for the masses. You play as Sprocket, a pet ferret on a remote space station. As you zoom about the station evading your human caretakers, you steal things like widgets and socks. And you stash them, because you’re a ferret.

The game has a unique difficulty curve that scales to how many widgets you can steal. The more you take, the heavier you get, requiring more skill to proceed through levels full of junk and robots. Once you’ve encumbered enough widgets, you can turn them into doohickies, like magnets! Doohickies help you enter areas you weren’t able to before, thus resulting in a real candidate for ferretroidvania of the year.

Widget Satchel features:

– Re-playable areas with “metroidvania-lite” pathing
– Trapdoors, lifts, hydraulic pillars, and other nonsense machinery to manipulate
– Sock-exclusive inventory system
– Humans to mildly inconvenience