Winter Fury: Longest Road, VR tank action & FPS full release on Windows

 Winter Fury: Longest Road, the VR tank action and first-person shooter from former Activision and THQ developers at SpiderMonk Entertainment and publisher 10th Reality, takes to the frontlines , playable on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality. Game is available for Windows on Steam.

Repel the Axis’ terrifying armed forces from the cockpit of an experimental M-4 Sherman tank. Spread armored justice throughout rural Germany in Tank Commander mode and operate the control sticks in real-time with VR controls and motion tracking. Unleash carnage by rotating the turret manually and firing the devastating cannon at enemy troops, tanks, and fully-destructible buildings.

When surrounded by forces coming in from all sides, exit the hatch and hit the ground running. Wield historically-accurate armaments ranging from assault rifles to sniper rifles or bunker up with a .50 caliber heavy machine gun to lay waste to oncoming soldiers and enemy armor. It takes a cool head, a keen eye, and multi-tasking skills to survive Tank Commander mode.

Anyone new to VR should try Longest Road mode for an easier acclimation to Winter Fury’s chaos. The arcade light gun experience manages the tank’s movement. Players instead focus on taking out enemies with the .50 Cal, ducking behind the tank for cover, throwing grenades and shooting rockets at oncoming attackers. Fire heavy shells at bosses like armored trains and destroyer ships. Varying difficulties allow players both seasoned and casual to tailor the game to their preference.

“History buffs and action fans alike will find something to love in Winter Fury: The Longest Road” said Scott March, founder of SpiderMonk Entertainment. “Tank Commander mode’s authentic battle experience and Longest Road’s more casual arcade-style play are equally visceral and we hope you enjoy both styles.”