3000th Duel, Dark fantasy metroidvania’s full release on Windows & Mac

3000th Duel, a dark fantasy metroidvania game, has left  Steam Early Access and is in full release on Windows and Mac.

3000th Duel is an exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG containing 150+ monsters in a world with more than 300 organically connected biomes.

A hero with no memory, and with a mysterious mask covering his face,
is thrown out into this land of unknown.

Reaching to an end of his journey, he discovers a truth that is hard to swallow – something terrifying about his true identity…

Explore a huge world with organically connected biomes of more than 300.
Terrifying monsters, multiple platform-actions and mysteries await you.

Encounter 150+ monsters and final bosses using the aspects of discovered weapons.

– Blade-based attacks with an advantage of fast attack speed
– Sword-based attacks with massive-damaging attack
– Lance-based attacks with long reach and strategic gameplay