Zenith, Action RPG available for Nintendo Switch

Get ready to meet Argus Windell, the hero of a unique Action RPG. Zenith combines the spirit and mechanics of classic role-playing games with generous doses of humor and parody. The storyline of the game takes place in a fantasy world populated by very particular beings. Giant spiders singing like tenors, haughty elves, cretins who think they are legendary heroes or a gólem with self-control problems will cross our path along an odyssey full of references to classic Pop culture.

In the game we’ll play Argus, a sorcerer (although he prefers the term arcanologist) tired of having to deal with disasters caused by magicians and cheap paladins. His goal was to settle down and leave behind all that chaos and heroism, but in the end he will be involved in a new adventure, possibly the most important in his life.

Zenith was released in 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC by the Spanish developers Infinigon Games. BadLand Publishing now has the honour of producing the Nintendo Switch port, which features optimised graphics compared to the original.

Main features:

  • Frantic Action: Argus may be a scholar, but he’s quite agile when it comes to fighting magic and monsters.
  • Varied range of spells: Forget rusty daggers, Argus is a magician, so he use spells. Choose and perfect your favorite element, or all of them.
  • Puzzles: In a world full of magicians, normal locks are for peasants.
  • Customize Argus gear: Knock yourself out from head to toe! How fortunate you feel when you find something your size…