1993 Space Machine, very significant update for the 23-year-old game

Independent game developer Limit Break announced that their retro shmup 1993 Space Machine has been updated with new features – features from this century.

1993 is 26 years old, even though it was released not too long ago. Developed in 1993, but not released until 23 years later. One of the best ways to experience how it was to play games on an Amiga in 1993, although without a 3,5” floppy disc.

“When we finally released the game some 23 years late, it was the original game that was supposed to be released on the Amiga back in the ‘90s.” says Krister Karlsson, Game Designer of 1993 Space Machine. “Now we have improved on a few things that will make the game fit better how we play games nowadays, as well as added a few features not available back then.”

New Features
New Level – Play the previously hidden level “Test Lab”.
Rookie Mode
Improved Balancing/Player Experience
Improved Level Structure
Improved Boss difficulty and Attack Patterns
Updated Weapons
More Weapon Options in CO-OP Mode
Razer Chroma Lighting Effects

This free update is available now on Steam.

1993 Space Machine on Steam for Windows and Mac.