A Year Of Rain, Developer diary video focuses heavily on story design

Daedalic Entertainment has published the first in a new series of developer diaries about its upcoming team-based real-time strategy game, A Year Of Rain. Narrative Designer Benjamin Kuhn and Art Director Michael Teske discuss the narrative freedom the fantasy genre allows them, the ways in which two-player co-op can shape storytelling, and how each faction plays a unique part in the game’s rich world.

This dev diary also introduces for the first time A Year Of Rain’s third playable faction — the Wild Banners. As the name suggests, this faction is an amalgam of reclusive nomads, tribes, and monstrous humanoids. They are fierce survivalists ready to fight for every scrap of this harsh world.

The heroes leading the Wild Banner armies are every bit as diverse as the faction itself. The Gnoll Chieftain boosts and heals his allies while unleashing a barrage of arrows on his foes. The stealthy and mobile hellspawn Shadowdancer is extremely lethal against single enemies. And the fungal creature known as The Myconid controls the battlefield with spores and minions while supporting allies with symbiotic boosts.

A Year Of Rain will launch on Steam Early Access for Windows on Nov. 6, 2019.