Northgard, biggest-ever free update, Northgard: Conquest, on Steam

Shiro Games has launched the biggest-ever free update for Northgard, Northgard: Conquest, on Steam. The new expansion adds over 100+ hours of playtime thanks to its new stand-alone Conquest mode, which can be experienced both in solo and cooperatively.

Northgard: Conquest is a massive new mode featuring randomly generated campaigns, opponents and maps, with each playthrough having its unique set of game-altering challenges and missions. Challenges come in many shapes and sizes, and provide their own rules and victory conditions, making sure that each Conquest playthrough is never the same. Northgard: Conquest also doubles the fun (and difficulty) with the new cooperative mode, where two players have to collaborate to overcome each obstacle.

Conquest features a host of unique mechanics, new units such as Ice Giants and Undead Wyverns, resources, and events adding flavour to each campaign. The new Conquest Map shows all the personalized challenges that can be encountered during a playthrough, including the various unlockable branches. Also included in Conquest are Favors: bonuses that can be used to power up a clan.

Northgard: Conquest is the third major free update to arrive for Northgard, and comes after the successful release of the apocalyptically-themed Ragnarok and game-enhancing new mechanics of Relics.