Adventureland XL, conversational adventure game on Steam Early Access

Clopas LLC released Adventureland XL, a Conversational Adventure game, on Steam Early Access for Windows. A nostalgic revamp of the original game, Adventureland, written by Scott Adams in 1978, this single player game is the second offering from Team Clopas (preceded by Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer in conjunction with Soma Games). Carefully crafted for new and returning players alike, the player’s task is to recover thirteen lost treasures in the vast realm of Adventureland, while discovering even greater mysteries along the way.

With over 70 rooms featuring interactive play and full of Easter eggs to be discovered, all wrapped in Scott Adams’ signature quirky sense of humor, Adventureland XL brings everything fans loved about the original game and more with a fresh 21st century take. From dragons, to volcanoes, and an eccentric old adventurer, there is plenty to explore even for a classic player. This family friendly game introduces Adventurer Scott, a forgotten and feral explorer stuck in Adventureland, and emphasizes exploration and overcoming obstacles.

When informed about the game, Richard Garriott (‘Lord British’), famed astronaut and creator of the acclaimed videogame Shroud of the Avatar, said:

“I got into the games industry pretty early, but one of the people who greatly inspired me to both learn what these machines could do, and to try and master the craft of interactive storytelling, was Scott Adams. I played his games with eager glee, to see what treasures lay within. I eagerly await the release of Adventureland XL!”

Team Clopas decided to release the game on Early Access to ensure that the finished product is modern, feature rich, and highlights the best of what can be created with typed interactive play. The collected player feedback will be invaluable towards helping the studio refine not only Adventureland XL, but also future games, and all the systems that accompany it. [Early Access enables developers to distribute their games on Steam while still being developed, serves as a place for games that are in a beta state, and facilitates feedback from players before final release.]

The current state of Adventureland XL contains the original game converted into a Conversational Adventure™ game plus three new areas, revamped game controls, settings menus, new narration, and Trophy Tokens (coins marking progression through the game). In the final version, added features will include: original background art, audio narration, a soundtrack, and sound effects. Team Clopas also plans on refining a new ending, adding a compass interface, adding Suggestion Mode (S Mode for short, which allows players to pick from a list of suggestions for easier play), and, of course, fixing any bugs that surface. Finally, Team Clopas will be following player feedback closely to see what other features are needed and make sense.