Amazing Brick Breaker, breakout style arcade game on Nintendo Switch

CFK released the great breakout style arcade game “Amazing Brick Breaker” as a digital download-only on Nintendo Switch.

“Amazing Brick Breaker” is a game that everyone can enjoy with Nintendo Switch, it is offering intuitive, classic visual and cheerful sounds.

Arcade mode for beginners and VS mode for local multi-play are prepared, the players are able to enjoy the game in a fun way. Each mode can check the score after the gameplay, which stimulates the player’s competitive spirit.

“Amazing Brick Breaker” which will be released on Nintendo Switch, aims to find the best angle to break a lot of bricks. Players will have a lot of fun with its colorful and explosive effect when the bricks are broken in the game.

ARCADE MODE : Try to reach the highest score as much as possible.
VS MODE : Multiplayer Mode (local), Play against your friend with up to 2 players on a split-screen.

The digital download-only software “Amazing Brick Breakers” is available on Nintendo through Nintendo eShop in Europe and North America.