Black Desert, Archer character class & Kamasylvia region for Xbox One

Pearl Abyss revealed that the Archer character class and the Kamasylvia region are both available as a free update for Black Desert on Xbox One. A master of long-range combat, the Archer makes his grand entrance along with the lush forest region of Kamasylvia and the introduction of a new fairy companion.

The Archer is a highly mobile class capable of shooting enemies while simultaneously dodging their attacks. Even against insurmountable odds, he is able to escape death’s grip. The Archer is able to utilize two weapons right from level 1, including his main Crossbow and the awakening Greatbow, freely switching between the two while casting magic such as Meteor Dive and Winged Strike to defeat his enemies.

Kamasylvia, the lush forest region and birthplace of the elves, contains a wealth of unique areas for Adventurers to explore. Visit vast grasslands, dangerous woods and massive temple ruins while battling formidable enemies and terrifying bosses. Experience majestic landmarks such as the massive remains of the Old Wisdom Tree or the impressive mountain range surrounding the Altar of Training.

Adventurers can now travel the world of Black Desert with a new fairy companion, Laila. She has the ability to imbue players with various skills such as Tingling Breath and Feather Steps to help them on their journey.This fairy companion can be obtained through through the ‘Fairy Queen Theiah’ quest received from the Black Spirit.

Black Desert will be officially released on PlayStation®4 on August 22, 2019.