Die Young, Final version of survival action adventure launches on Steam

Independent publisher IndieGala releases the full version of Die Young on Steam (Windows).

Die Young is a non-linear first-person survival action adventure in which you play as a young woman who must stay alive in a Mediterranean island she was mysteriously dragged to.

Die Young leaves Early Access after 2 years of development, and it includes nearly 70 missions, 12 square kilometers to explore, and a variety of enemies –human and animal– to escape from.

  • Stay Alive: survive and stay hydrated in the hot Mediterranean summer.
  • Equip and Fight. Search for items and combat equipment.
  • Explore. Investigate the island and its dwellers, ancient ruins, dark mines and caves.
  • Escape. Run, jump, climb, and leave those who want you dead behind –save your friends and leave the Island!