DISCONTINUE, VR game on Windows PC

PostBeta and Blue Knight Games co-created, in a fused development process, their latest game – DISCONTINUE. DISCONTINUE is a competitive room-scale virtual reality disc throwing game with over 0x2000 levels. Your goal as a player is to survive in your chosen level and compete with players around the world  to set a new high score. Are you up for this challenge?

The world of DISCONTINUE is a blend of Synthwave and Cyberpunk styles, which  create a retro experience in new virtual reality technology.

The game has been built with replayability in mind. Each of the 0x2000 levels are generated through a seed which you can share with a friend or a foe to compete for the high score.
Every seed generates a unique level by combining various handcrafted phases. These phases are displayed as tunnels or arenas and are seamlessly connected in many different orders and variations. All to create fast action paced gameplay mixed with more relaxed puzzle-like or transitional phases.
You can now compete with many other DISCONTINUE champions around the globe, so choose your level and get to the top!

Discontinue is available on Steam (Windows PC). Find out more at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1061220/Discontinue/

“Discontinue has an epic arcade style graphic where you need to do some disc throwing and dodging. If you like those retro graphics the game is perfect for you. Soundtrack is awesome! ★★★★★” – Excellent-Reviews

“Discontinue is a fun VR combination of disc throwing & parcour/dodging, players have to throw the disc accurate in order to clear the path in front of you, the game offers a stunning amount of 8192lvl” – Virtual Reality Manual Book