DOGFIGHTER WW2, Footage of the ‘Battle Royale’ mode

IGGYMOB Co. Ltd., revealed the battle royale gameplay footage for DOGFIGHTER WW2. Free to play PS4 dogfighting game created by Grumpy, I-Bong Co. Ltd., and IGGYMOB.

Battle Royale mode, maximum of 40 players can play, will be played on ‘BIG WEEK’ based on World War 2.

Authentic Dogfight battle! Spot them before they spot you with your eyes and shoot them down.

After the battle, coins will be given and the amount depends on # of kill, rank, and time of survival. With the DF-COIN you are given, you can purchase DF COIN-purchase items to customize your warplane.

Pick 1 from P-51 Mustang, Supermarine Spitfire, BF-109 Messerschmitt and A6m Zerof, which they all have different specialties. Go with the one that fits your playstyle to give yourself advantages in Battle Royale.

Release Date is Fall 2019 on the PS4.