The Last Player: VR Battle Royale in Steam Early Access Phase

Indie game developer Skyline Games announced the Steam Early Access release  for The Last Player: VR Battle Royale, a really awesome VR-exclusive title challenging you to outwit and destroy your opponents. Available on Windows PC and compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality, the release is accompanied by a super-cool tournament with a total prize of $2.000,00 to the winning players.

The Last Player: VR Battle Royale starts with you being parachuted from a military plane to the location of the Battle Royale. Jump to locate the resource points where weapons and equipment await your arrival. Discover the rush of free-falling and navigate to the nearest location before your opponents. Timing is of high importance. Adjust direction and speed with realistic movements and prepare to fight! If all you have is a knife you must overcome your opponent by stealth to steal his weapons, and be sure to collect any other items scattered about. Ambush, fight and take down your enemies in a realistic environment and learn how to quickly install and master new accessories that you discover.

The Last Player: VR Battle Royale has a host of cool weapons you must master to prevail. Only by becoming an expert with each weapon do you stand a chance of survival. Periodic airdrop supplies will become available to all combatants, and fight to claim supplies to extend your time on the battlefield. Crouch, crawl, take cover, ambush, attack and sneak behind your opponents for a surprise attack. You can hear breathing of opponents nearby, and almost smell the tension in the air. Stay calm, stay cool, stay ALIVE! Can you claim victory?!?

The Last Player: VR Battle Royale is a multiplayer online tactical survival game. It offers a realistic competition with classic Battle Royale rules and up to 30 simultaneous players. Be alert for stray bullets and blades!

The Last Player: VR Battle Royale can be obtained from her: