Duke of Defense on Switch

Hitcents is helping Sebastian Nigro and Christopher Anselmo to bring Duke of Defense to console and PC! Brimming with ample humor, cheeky villagers, and egotistical wizards, this playful action-based tower defense game has launched on Nintendo Switch. Duke of Defense is also available via Steam and the Hitcents Discord Store.

Unbound by the confines of typical tower-defenses, Duke of Defense puts you in the shoes of the newly titled Duke tasked by a mysterious cloaked figure to protect the realm. Roll, laugh, slash, and build your way through waves upon waves of goblins, ogres, golems and more, collecting coins from the fallen foes as you go. Use your gathered gold to turn the trees adorning the battlefield into upgradeable towers, choosing between nine different variants that target different types of enemies. Level up your Duke via a skill tree as you progress; your couch co-op companion will also have all the same sick skills as you during local 2P mode! Customize your Duke at the Wardrobe Well – choose between loads of quirky heads while unlocking more as you progress. Prepare for fast-paced boss battles with some pretty angsty wizards, conversations with philosophical deer, and hordes of bit-constructed baddies while jamming to a masterfully crafted soundtrack.


  • Unlock nine different towers: Arbalest, Bomb, Ice, Fire, Tesla, Poison, and more! Upgrade their firerate, firepower, and blast radius. If you’re feeling tight on gold, sell the towers you no longer need.
  • Run and roll like a boss! Collect coins, dodge fireballs, and slash enemies with your blade.
  • Player upgrades! Get points by completing levels to rank up your skill tree!
  • Interact with quirky and memorable NPCs! Love stories, psychological trauma, talking deer – we got it all!
  • Couch co-op! Share your screen with your chum and battle together against the hordes.
  • Mastercraft synthtune soundtrack! Adrenaline-pumping bumps inspire you to be the best Duke of Defense the digital realm has ever seen!