Fear the Dark Unknown, horror game on Windows PCs

Dreamlight Games has announced that its first project, Fear the Dark Unknown, is on available on Steam for Windows. After 2 years of development, the Spanish indie studio offers us a horror game in the purest classic style, whose main references and influences, as confirmed by its developers, are Alone in the Dark and the Resident Evil saga. In the skin of James Sullivan, or his daughter Chloe, we will go into the Beresford mansion, in an adventure full of puzzles and mysteries with which we can enjoy more than 20 hours of gameplay and different endings, including many other secrets. As confirmed by the developers, they working on free bonus content for the game’s owners, and also console versions (PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) planned for the second quarter of 2020.

More About Fear the Dark Unknown

“It is said that our worst fears come from within. But… What if there were a greater fear than we are capable of conceiving? What if that terror were much closer than we think? Suffering is the only way. Fear is a necessary evil.”

What kind of curse does the Beresford mansion keep inside? For 200 years its inhabitants have suffered the consequences of an unknown shadow, a dark being who walks among us, and whose existence extends beyond what we imagine.

Now James and Chloe will face the ultimate test of their lives. They will know the true horror. The suffering of a father. The despair of a daughter. The clock is ticking and the survival game can no longer be stopped.


Fear the Dark Unknown transports you to the great survival horror classics of the 90’s.

Choosing between two protagonists, with a fixed camera system that enhances the feeling of being immense in a true horror movie. Face a multitude of challenges, certain deaths and enemies of various kinds that will force you not to waste a bullet.

Face them, hide or even flee from them.

All mixed with a wealth of puzzles, integrated into the story, which will allow you to learn more details of the Beresford mansion and the Dark Unknown.


  • Enjoy more than 30 hours playing two totally different adventures with James Sullivan and his daughter Chloe.
  • Four difficulty levels for combat, from those who want a ride to those who enjoy suffering with each combat.
  • Choose between your four weapons and don’t waste a bullet. Survival is your main goal, and it’s not easy.
  • Thoroughly examine every room. You never know where you are going to find that object that will give you the key to continue your adventure.
  • Discover the Beresford mansion and its inhabitants throughout its 200 years of life. You can visit it at different times, and remember that to find out all its secrets is to know yourself.