Genshin Impact, renowned Japanese voiceover artist line-up video

Global interactive entertainment company miHoYo, known for global IP – Honkai Impact, revealed its Japanese voiceover line-up for brand new open world action title – Genshin Impact which just took curtain call for its success debut on TGS at PlayStation and miHoYo booths respectively.

Multiple Japanese voiceover artists including Yuuki Aoi, Ono Kenshō, Tanaka Rie and Hayami Saori etc. who being familiar to many through their contributions on various game and animation series, joined the execution of dubbing to provide excellent Japanese voice-overs for Genshin Impact’s 13 characters that players going to encounter in game.

Genshin Impact, as an open world action title, highlights its features as free-explored world, multiple playable characters, elemental combo – based combat system, availability in both single & multiplayer modes. Incredibly talented voice artists – Yuuki Aoi, Ono Kenshō, Tanaka Rie and Hayami Saori etc. tackled passionate and precise voice-over execution to provide texture and personality to 13 distinct characters, combing with plot, game-interaction, background music and even sounds effects, Genshin Impact aims to deliver the immediate feeling of immersive gameplay experience.

List of Japanese voiceover artists for Genshin Impact so far:

  • Horie Shun
  • Yuuki Aoi
  • Koga Aoi
  • Iwami Manaka
  • Saitou Chiwa
  • Kito Akari
  • Ono Kensho
  • Toriumi Kousuke
  • Tanaka Rie
  • Murase Ayumu
  • Ozawa Ari
  • Hayami Saori
  • Uchiyama Kōki

As Genshin Impact unveiling its lineup on Japanese voiceover artists, more details on other language voice-over will be released by later of this year. Genshin Impact is currently under development for iOS, Android, Windows PC and PlayStation platforms, the releasing date is scheduled in 2020.